Enterprise Sales Flow

There are a handful of ways to handle enterprise or one-off sales with Stripe and Billflow. They allow you to create client-specific payment amounts, send them invoices payable by card, ACH, or SEPA, and also be able to view those invoices from the Billflow customer portal. Here we will go through the most common process. If this is does not fit your processes, let us know and we can offer other options.

Step 1: Create a Customer

The first step after determining price point is to create a customer in Stripe. Log into your Stripe dashboard and select Customers and New. (This step can also be done via the Stripe API if you want a user to signup from your app first)

Fill out the details you have about the customer. If you have their payment information, you can add it directly when creating the customer. No problem if not, we can collect it later.

Step 2: Create a subscription or one-time invoice

Next you will create a subscription or invoice for the customer. The only difference being is that subscriptions are for recurring payments whether that be monthly, annual or something in between, and invoices are just for a one-time payment.


Select the customer you created and choose "Create Subscription"

To create a subscription you must have a Product to define its price. Create a new product or use an existing one.


Select the customer you created and choose "Create Invoice"

If you are creating the same price point many times, we recommend creating a Product in Stripe for that price. Or you can continue to create one-off amounts every-time.

Step 3: Send Invoice

Now you once again have the option to add a payment method or for Stripe to email them with a hosted payment form. You can turn on CC, ACH, and SEPA if it's available for your account.

Select Start Subscription or Create Invoice

Payment from Stripe hosted email

Stripe will now email your client with a hosted payment page that looks like the following

The customer can now select "Pay this invoice" which will take them to the Stripe hosted payment page

It gives them the option to pay via CC, ACH, and other payment methods if enabled.

Payment from Billflow Customer Portal

The subscription and invoice will also appear in the customer portal if you have it installed in your website or app. They can add CC information or click the 'Pay Now' button to be directed to the same hosted Stripe payment page that is sent in the email.

From this point, the customer and subscription can be managed from the Stripe dashboard by you, or the customer can self-service their subscription management from the Billflow customer portal. As an admin you are able to add additional charges, update the subscription or invoice amount, perform refunds, and cancel subscriptions.

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