Setup Fees

Setup Fees are common with digital agencies. If your company has a similar ethos, this may be the model for you. To create this model it is quite easy as it is a simple step from the creation of a flatrate subscription model. Not to mention, you can add a Setup fee to any of your pricing models utilizing the same process. Once you have established how many different plans you are to have, you need to create a product for each of them. In addition to creating a product for each of your tiers, you will need to create a product for each of "Setup Fees" corresponding to each plan.

Now that we are done creating the products, for Billflow to recognize these products as a single service we need to tag it with an "sb_service" tag. This tag should be the same for all products(pricing plans) that are in the model. Next we tag each with a unique "sb_tier" tag that corresponds to each plan. Also important, is that you want to match the metadata tags on your "Setup Fee" product(s) to the corresponding original products. This way Billflow will know to include your "Setup Fee" in each of the corresponding tiers.

We go back to Billflow and refresh the page. Now, we should see our Pricing model. Building up a Setup fee for our Flatrate example, we can see the following in Billflow.

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