Configure add-ons to expand your revenue

With Billflow you can sell one-time and subscription add-ons with your plans. These can be shown on the Checkout Form and/or the Customer Portal. Leverage these to start expanding your revenue!

How it works

Checkout Form

If add-ons are configured, they will appear below the standard configured products in the checkout form. Your customer is able to select them while checking out and add one-time payments or subscriptions. The total amount will be recalculated and taxes included if configured. Live example

Customer Portal

The customer portal will allow customers to add configured one-times or subscriptions, and manage existing ones.

One-time add-ons can be added as many times as the user wishes. This feature can be leveraged to create a credit-based pricing model where a customer adds credits to your platform with a one-time payment.

Subscription add-ons can be turned on or off so you can sell an additional feature or service.

Live example

Setup Stripe Product

As with standard pricing models, metadata needs to be added to your Stripe products. A new product should be created for each add-on. If you want a single add-on to be available on every tier in your service, then only configure the sb_service key, and leave out the sb_tier key.

Add-ons can also use the Quantity Management feature. Set a unit_label for the product for Billflow to recognize it as a quantity enabled product.

Below is the relevant metadata.






Enables a product as an add-on



Configured service to add the add-on to



Limits the add-on to a single tier

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