Complex Pricing

Setup a complex pricing model

Now that we've learned how to reproduce some of the more basic pricing models we can add bits and pieces of other models to better fit the needs of your company. These basic models do not have to be mutually exclusive from one another. Here we will take an example where we bring everything together into one pricing model. The example below illustrates two tiers with flatrate pricing in addition to pricing per unit.

We start off by creating our products normally. Since we will have two tiers we will need to create two products. The first price will be as usual, the standard recurring price. The second price will be of the graduated pricing model as used previously to demonstrate per Unit pricing.

Then as normal we must tag both products with metadata, so that the pricing model will populate in Billflow's Pricing Page. As usual, "sb_service" is the same for both of our products and the "sb_tier" tags are different and correspond to each tier. Once more, we refresh the Pricing Page and should see our product pop up.

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