Once you have established how many different plans you are to have, you need to create a product for each of them. For example, lets take a model that will have three pricing plans (Basic and Pro). In this case we will create a product for each of these. Creating a product in "Stripe" is as simple as clicking "+ Add Product"

The trick for metered usage is ticking the box at the bottom of the "Product" creation page. This will make it so that now on top of the basic flat subscription for a tier there is a metered usage message added. As a note: if you would like to create yearly pricing based on user per month, this would be the place to do so when creating the product. Scroll down to pricing and create the pricing with the recurring rate set to yearly.

Now that we are done creating the products, for Billflow to recognize these products as a single service we need to tag it with an "sb_service" tag. This tag should be the same for all products(pricing plans) that are in the model. Next we tag each with a unique "sb_tier" that corresponds to the plan. That means we have 3 unique "sb_tier" tags for our example.

Finally, we go back to Billflow and refresh the "Pricing Plan" page. We should see our pricing plan pop up. Note: only the basic tier was produced for the example. The tagging and production of the Pro tier is exactly the same and will yield a similar result.

To learn how to update metered usage via the API, continue here.

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