Setup Pricing

Billflow can help you recreate a variety of pricing models, everything ranging from a basic flat subscription to a more complex per usage model and anything in between. Below are the most common pricing models:

  1. Flat-rate Subscription -- Flat rate pricing is a very simple strategy with a single tier charging a flat rate subscription to unlock all features within a product.

  2. Unit -- Most B2B SaaS companies are using some form of usage-based pricing. Being able to bill a customer based on how much value they are getting out of a product is critical to running a business.

  3. Metered -- Often times it is valuable to gain an insight in to how the product is being used. There are several ways set up in Stripe to monitor usage and bill off that.

  4. Setup Fee -- Most digital agencies use a Setup fee.

  5. Complex -- When one model does not exactly fit the needs of your company or vision, utilizing a blend of features from these models is most effective.

If you would like to learn more about the different pricing models, and which may work best for you read along here.

Regardless of the complexity of your pricing model, two things always stay constant: "Product" creation in Stripe and metadata tagging in Stripe.

Once you have your pricing plan in mind, you are ready to recreate it using Stripe.

Product creation in stripe is a two step process. First, you enter the details corresponding with a tier/ metric of your choice and then save your product.

For Billflow to know which product belongs to your service you must utilize metadata tags. Every product that corresponds to your service's particular plan must be tagged with the same ''sb_service" tag. In addition, each of these products will have a unique "sb_tier" that corresponds to the particular price of that tier. The "sb_service" tag encapsulates all of the products that you created for a particular plan. This is what "glues" the products together. The "sb_tier" tag is what differentiates one product from the next in your plan. As such, it is important that your "sb_service" tag do not change within the plan. And your "sb_tier" tags change with the tier that you create.

Going back to Billflow, refreshing the "Pricing Plan" page should allow for you to see your newly created model. If you have multiple services created in Stripe, select the service that you have just created. As an example the end result of a three tiered pricing model is shown below.

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